The Amazing Deserting War Wizard


Country of origin: New Potentia

Alexander Salvius Rutilus was the single bastard child of Numerius, a noble of House Rutilus of New Potentia, and Tita, a bar wench. The House, embarrassed by the accident of one of their more prominent patriarchs, brought Tita to the house to work as an indentured servant, and raised Alek until the age where he could be placed in the local military academy (8). He lost most ties to the house at that point, although his father secreted himself to meet his son ever so often.

While fairly competent at the gruelling physical tests that military academy involved, he truly excelled at the (equally gruelling) courses that involved formal logic, study of philosophy and magical theory. Alek was eventually groomed to to be placed into the academy of magic, where students were trained in the art of war wizardry to perform as artillery, or in the art of bardic song to lead Potentian phalanxes into battle.

After graduating near to the top of his class (beaten only by a boy two years his junior, with a mane of fiery red hair and a natural aptitude with magic), Alek served for barely three months when he received news of his father’s murder, likely a power play by a rival Potentian house. This kind of scheming and cutthroat behaviour being common in the government and nobility of New Potentia, this led him to become disillusioned with his country of birth, and eventually was convinced to desert and start a mercenary company with Deuce and Stalfgar.


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